Selecting the right interior pool finish is an important decision that will determine water appearance, feel, and life expectancy.


Standard White Plaster is the least expensive option for our pool finish. White Plaster has long been an acceptable pool finish. What you should expect from a white plaster finish is a fresh, inviting water, smooth feel, and a life expectancy of 10-12 years. For darker blue water appearance, some gray pigment can be added to the white plaster. Or, create some shimmer to the water appearance by mixing in some blue quartz. Maintaining proper water chemistry is essential to prevent surface stains.

Our Expertise To You: Do not add blue or dark pigments to white plaster. In a short time, the pool finish will be subject to mottling, streaking, and uneven hues.

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Quartz is an excellent upgrade pool finish choice offering a manufacturer warranty of 10 years and an expected life of 15-20 years. The quartz finish will have noticeable more texture than plaster due to the quartz aggregate. Quartz finishes still have a significant amount of concrete at the surface, therefore, over time, it can be subject to mottling, streaking, uneven hues, and staining. Due to the quartz aggregate at the surface, the changes will be less severe than plaster.

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A Pebble Finish is the best choice for those who plant to own their pool for 20 or more years. The surface consists mostly of natural pebbles that have been formed over thousands of years. Therefore, the surface of the pool will retain its look over time without the mottling, streaking, uneven hues, and staining that occur with plaster and quartz finishes. Wet Edge pebble finishes have the industry best 15-year warranty and expected life of 30+ years. Pebble is the best value for the consumer when comparing cost of construction and cost of ownership. If you desire a finish that can yield a certain water color, will remain consistent over time, have the longest life, and best value - pebble finish is RiverMist Pool's recommendation.

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How To Choose
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